About Privilege Membership

Open An Privilege Account

Open An Privilege Account

Offline Enrollment

Every customer who shops at any of our stores can become a privilege member. Customer mobile number will be queried for his membership status & if customer is already a member then he will be billed with the existing membership number, if not customer will be assigned a new membership number. The membership number will be the same as the registered mobile number of the customer.

E-Comm Enrollment

Any customer who transacts at www.aisshpra.com will become a privilege member provided he opts for the membership. Customer selects a product & while checking out he will mention his mobile# for final billing, mobile# will be verified for membership status & an OTP will be triggered for validation purpose. Upon successful validation of OTP, membership number will be allocated or displayed automatically. For any future transactions customer can use the same membership Id. Customer will be identified through mobile number.

How an existing member can login to aisshpra.com

After selecting the desired product, customer will prepare for checkout. While checking out customer has to provide the mobile# & at the back end mobile# number will be queried for membership status. If customer is already a member then he/she will have to update his membership number, if he is not sure about the number then he can call the help line number for assistance

How to Redeem Points

Accrual of Points

Article Name Points Per Thousand
Silver Jewellery / Bartan 15
Platinum Jewellery 10
Kundan and Polki Jewellery 20
Temple Jewellery 10
Diamond Jewellery 10
Gold Jewellery 5

Redemption of Points

Points Redemption Value In Rupees
Upto 2000 Points 50%
2001 to 6000 70%
6001 to 10000 90%
10001 to 14000 110%
14001 to 18000 130%
More than 18001 points 150%
Open An Privilege Account